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Our History Qingdao HuaYun Fog Technology Co., Ltd is established on 2016. Which is integrated to the development, production, sales and agency to provide the fogging products and also the spray system. Our aim is to make the production process more energy saving and more intelligent. With the concepts Serve in China, Eye On The World, We are engaged to be one of the most valued companies in the spraying products. Our Factory Humidity control in a scientific way plays an important role in many aspects of modern society. Whether it is industrial environments, commercial environments, medical environments or family environments. Intelligent control also makes all aspects more efficient, convenient and accurate. Qingdao Huayun Air Technology Co., Ltd focus on intelligent humidity control, with a number of National Patents, Trademarks. Our product range covers from humidity control products and technical solutions to ensure that customers in different environments can always keep the indoor humidity in the best level. Our Product Our main products ranged as below, 1. Dry Fog Humidifier 2. High Pressure Water Mist Nozzles 3. High Pressure Water Mist System 1. Industrial Ultrasonic Humidifier 2. Ultrasonic Mist Maker 3. Industrial Misting Fans 4. Evaporative Cooling Pad 5. Wet Film Humidifier 6. Low Pressure Water Spray Nozzles 7. Home Air Freshener Systems Product Application 1. Disinfection, sterilization and pest control for hospital, airport, stadium, station hall and other public sites. 2. Humidification, sanitation, dedusting for industries like textile, tobacco, printing, wood, animal husbandry etc., Temperature and humidity control for indoor environments. Our Certificate 8 National Patents,3 Registered Trademarks Production Market Production market covers Asia, Europe America and Afric countries and regions. And also built the complete sales and agent networks. Our service We can provide daily maintenance supervising, checking, and diagram design. All main products can provide 1 year maintenance service time.Air Disinfector suppliers website:

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