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鈻?Our History Guangdong FULLDE Electronics Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise in Humen town, Dongguan City, which was founded in 2006 with registered capital of 25 million yuan. A wholly owned subsidiary, Hunan FULLDE Electric Co., Ltd, located in Hunan province, was founded in 2014, registered capital of 50 million yuan, covering an area of 68 mu. The company is a leading manufacturer of brake systems in the field of intelligent braking. The company's products are widely used in rail transit, aerospace, Marine drive, smart grid, wind power, industrial frequency, new energy vehicles and other core areas of national strategic emerging industries. At present, the company maintains a long-term cooperative relationship with the maintenance factory of the people's liberation army of China, China naval shipbuilding heavy industry, aerospace research institute, China Southern Power Grid, state grid, Hunan Electric Group, CRRC, China Mobile, China Unicom, CLOU electronics and other enterprises. Fullde has a project team with more than 10 years of research and development experience in the field of braking system, including 2 doctors, 7 masters, 36 undergraduates and 50 elites in the power industry. Our company has carried out in-depth cooperation in production, study and research with Hunan University, Southwest Jiaotong University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Naval University of Engineering, South China University of Technology and other universities. As early as 2012, we established a new energy technology research and development center. Then, in 2013, the company's Crowbar resistors for wind power generation were approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation Fund. In 2015, we established the "R&D Center for Rail Transit Brake Resistor Devices". In 2016, we founded the "Intelligent Braking System Joint Laboratory" with Hunan University to carry out joint research on technical difficulties in the field of intelligent braking systems. The company has always adhered to science and technology as the primary productivity, and has the courage to explore the gaps in the industry technology, constantly innovating product technology and transforming results. Since its establishment, the company has completed more than 70 scientific and technological achievements transformation, and has applied for more than 100 patents. A number of products have been identified as national key new products and high-tech products. In 2016, we won the third prize of the Guangdong Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and merged into the National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Finals. With the support of the Dongguan Municipal Government and leaders from all walks of life, we have won many honors such as Guangdong private technology enterprises, national high-tech enterprises, backup listed enterprise of dongguan city, and Dongguan doubling plan pilot enterprises. 鈻?nbsp;Our Factory 鈻?nbsp;Our Product Our company mainly produces and sells new intelligent braking systems such as railway locomotive braking system, ship intelligent load testing system, neutral grounding protection device and complete system, uhv ac/dc filtering system, flexible dc starting system, wind power low-voltage over-protection system and so on. 鈻?nbsp;Product Application Company products are widely used in rail transit銆乤erospace銆?ship-driven銆?smart grid銆?wind power銆乮ndustrial frequency銆乶ew energy vehicles and other national strategic emerging industries core areas. 鈻?nbsp;Our Certificate 鈻?nbsp;Production Equipment The production equipment of the company includes presses of various tonnage, controlled hydraulic bending machine, hydraulic plate shearing machine, bus bar processing machine, CNC rotary tower press, welding machine, cutting machine, polishing machine, tapping machine, ZX table milling and drilling machine, two-wheel grinding machine, Screw type air compressor, lathe, automatic winding machine production line, medium power optical fiber laser cutting machine, small rotary spray machine, fine art CNC engraving machine and other advanced equipment. 鈻?nbsp;Production Market Fullde Electric has provided its load banks and electrical equipments to shipyard, offshore platform, oil field, data center, bank, nuclear power plants, power plants, generator manufacturers, military industrial enterprises, research institutes and grid both in China market and overseas market such as Germany, Finland, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and many other countries. Our typical clients include Jiangnan shipyard, CEEC, CGGC, CGNPC, China mobile, China telecom, the GDS Service, Cummins, CAT, Cooltech, Tellhow, State Grid and Southern Grid, Siyuan electric, Emerson electric, Xu Ji Group, Vision energy, CRRC, etc. 鈻?Our Service Our company has a professional team to provide users with design, manufacturing, installation, debugging, training and maintenance of the whole process services, as well as rental and on-site testing services.Filter Resistor price website:

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